Door Supervision

In order to work as a door supervisor, candidate must have door supervision license. To obtain an SIA licence you will need to show that you are trained according to SIA standard and you have relevant qualifications. For obtaining a door supervision licence you will need to attend a four part training course and have to pass four exams. The minimum required hours for door supervision course is 30 hours as it is requirement of SIA, which takes 3-4 days class room work. We run this door supervision course every week and at the end of the course we conduct an exam. We have qualified trainer who deliver course to our candidates. If you need any information regarding door supervision course call us on telephone number or send us an email with your query.


Drug Awareness

As nowadays it is considered very important for all those employees who work in security industry needs to be trained for drug awareness. We offer drug awareness course as the aim of this course is to provide knowledge of drugs, patterns of use and associated problems. The training will provide a wider understanding about the context of drug use and its implications, which will aid in the assessment and referral process. After completion of this course candidate will be able to identify drug associated issues


If you require a SIA license for CCTV, this course require to attend a training session for about 30 hour and pass an examination as well, which is designed to help you gain the competence needed to succeed. Knowledge and skills gained on this course can be used across all sectors. After completion of CCTV course candidates will possess the legal and technical expertise to operate CCTV systems according to the latest industry standards and the BS standard. We run this course every week and at the end of course we conduct an examination. If you need any further information please call us or send us an email with your query.



We also provide CSCS card training course which is classroom based. This will help you pass the Health and Safety touch screen test with ease, whether you’re an operative, individual or manager this training is designed to provide you with an underpinning knowledge ready for Card test. After completion of this course you can apply for CSCS card and you will be able to work on construction sites with having health and safety knowledge.

Close Protection

We offer Close Protection Training up to SIA requirement (Level 3 BTEC certificate) in close protection operations. Our course covers all aspects according to SIA standard with enhanced elements incorporated by the training team. We offer every candidate to perform all of the roles within a close protection team during training in classroom. The close protection course require 15 days training, if you want more information please call us or send us an email with your query.

fire safety spectrum

Fire Safety Training

As the regulatory reform fire safety order 2005 requires a responsible person to take reasonable steps to reduce risk from fire and ensure safe escape for both employees and visitors. The fire safety order requires the responsible person to ensure all employees are provided with adequate safety training at the time they are first employed and on being exposed to new and increased risks. Also it is also necessary to appoint one or more competent persons to assist with fire safety in the workplace, and provide them with sufficient training to remain effective in reducing the risks from the hazards. We are here to help you get full training and make you fully competent.

Security Training

If you want to become a security officer, we are offering SIA training course to suit you. Our courses are delivered at the source to the highest SIA training standards. After completion of security course the candidate will gain skills and knowledge to obtain an SIA license and perform to the highest level in security role. As professional security training provider for SIA security license training, the source ensures each candidate receives detailed information, advice and guidance.

security-training spectrum
First Aid Training​- spectrum

First Aid Training

An emergency could happen to anyone, at any time and in any place. If you were involved in an emergency, would you know to deal with it following the correct procedure? So, first aid is a cost effective proven way of saving lives in an emergency.
The aim of first aid is to preserve life by protecting yourself, the casualty and any bystanders from any dangers. It is also to prevent the casualty from deteriorating by treating the injury or illness and to promote speedy recovery. After completion of First Aid course the candidate will be able to deal with emergency situations easily.

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